IT Staffing Services

IT Staffing Services

There is still a question on whether to recruit in-house workers or outsource staffing options to a reputable provider. Comparing the efficiency, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of the tasks performed by outsourcing and in-house employees will help you decide the most effective choice for your company.

In today's highly competitive environment, with diminishing margins and fluctuating workloads on the agenda, businesses are moving ever closer to outsourcing by giving them access to a worldwide talent pool and lowering costs while guaranteeing superior product and service quality. In particular, recruiting full time equivalent (FTE) workers is a blessing to SMEs in terms of preventing them from engaging a broad and long-term workforce and concentrating primarily on fast growth and catering to their customers' bases.

Our IT staffing and staff augmentation services allow you to employ professional software developer on contracts, except for the problems of recruiting in-house personnel! We can provide you staffing solutions with following profiles…

  1. .NET & MS SQL developers
  2. Php developers
  3. Node Js developers
  4. Java developers
  5. SEO & Digital marketing experts
  6. Graphic designers
  7. Wordpress experts
  8. Web Masters
  9. Python developers
  10. Technical support executives


IT staffing and staff augmentation services we provide

Full time equivalent (FTE) workforce
Dedicated staff working for you full your full time during your working hours (as per your time zone).
Long & Short-term assignments
Hire a dedicated staff to work remotely on your short term or long term projects.

For diversified work grades and positions for our global customers, we specialise in fulfilling diverse professional criteria for staffing. We follow well-defined recruiting protocols, perform background checks and ensure that our staffing process is fully open and confidential.

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